About us

Specialized consulting on Air Conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.



We are a consulting company for Air conditioning, heating and ventilation that makes an adequate selection of equipment and materials according to the application type and size, to optimize your investment having in count building life cycle so we can have efficient operation cost with reasonable investments, all this supported on applied engineering tools and resources framed on our corporate values.

Our services are available for commercial, industrial and special applications such as Pharmaceutical Plants and Laboratories.



With our specialized engineering on HVAC systems we optimize our customer investment, achieving appropriated sized and efficient systems having in count initial and operation costs. 

We are leaders on the Andean Market on customer satisfaction. With our projects, we maximize the value for our customers, stakeholders, society and the environment.



Love: We love what we do, we love the planet and we seek its welfare with our work.  We pursue good of our customers through our work. 

Solidarity: we feel the projects as own, in this manner we develop our engineering selecting the equipments and materials that permit an optimum and quality investments. 

Responsibility: we are conscious of the impact of our work for the projects of our clients and in line with this we work to comply with the time limit and the quality required. 

Innovation: always there is opportunity to improve, with each project, we maintain us brought up to date with the new developments of our field that permit us to improve more every time.  Every feedback of our customer is received gladly to improve our work. 

Simplicity: we know to listen to ours similar, our interest is to develop an engineering projects that kept in mind the different points of view for benefit of the project.